Insurance Companies & HMOs

We provide a wide range of services to insurance companies, HMOs and managed care health plans. We have surveyed health plans in the market place and the areas of greatest need are as follows:

  • Ability to further reduce claim cost.
  • Access to financial or capital solutions to address local regulatory requirements for Risk-Based Capital (RBC) and risk retention.
  • Actuarial expertise and analysis to assist in evaluating pricing, network contracts and overall financial results.
  • Ability to maintain and grow market share through new product development and service area expansion.

We have significant expertise in providing solutions to these problems as well as dealing with other challenges facing health plans, and we have structured our organization to meet the expectations of our clients. We offer health plans the expertise and products to address client needs in finance, risk management, actuarial services and product development. Services available include the following:

  • Actuarial Services — pricing, provider risk contract reviews, reserve valuation and data analysis.
  • Underwriting – facultative underwriting review and oversite.
  • Finance — review of reporting, product line accounting analysis and revenue reviews.
  • Risk Management — risk assessment, Risk-Based Capital (RBC) review and reinsurance solutions.
  • Product Development — expansion, provider network contracting, compliance and rate filing support.
  • Audits — review of financials, contracts, risk management and claims management including forensic audits.

For additional details pertaining to services offered, please review the Services section of our website and then contact us at 914-933-0063 or e-mail us at