Company Overview

Aquarius Capital Solutions Group is a limited liability company providing customized solutions in finance, insurance and risk management. Our clients are primarily insurance companies, financial institutions, reinsurers, managed care companies and health care providers requiring our expertise in the life, accident and healthcare market. We also provide services to brokerage firms, investment bankers, venture capital companies, third party administrators, and managing general underwriters requiring expertise in understanding health care and insurance markets.

For our corporate clients, our services expand beyond health care benefits and include solutions in employee and retirement benefits including but not limited to life, health, disability and pensions. We have also established additional capital solutions and structured settlements for clients looking to address their day-to-day business issues.

The name Aquarius Capital was chosen to reflect the focus of our organization. The birth sign “Aquarius” reflects the characteristics of being creative, flexible and hardworking with the goal of providing the ideal solutions for our clients. “Capital” reflects the resource and intellectual capital that we bring our clients. Each member of our management team has approximately 30 years of experience in servicing the insurance, financial and managed care industries, and we formed partnerships with various key organizations to assist our clients in tackling their various issues and meeting their business objectives.